But as he was about to penetrate, I demanded he use protection. “Babe”, he laughed,” you hate condoms” “I know” I replied and laughed too but still insisted.  Groaning with frustration at the interruption of our session, he got up, went to the drawer and took a pack out.  I noticed it wasn't sealed. He took out the content and instead of three, it was just two. “Why is one missing?” I asked, looking at him suspiciously and knowingly. He refused to answer and wanted to get down to business but I pulled away and got up. “Why is one missing?” I asked again “This was how I bought it. Some come in twos, you know” “Don’t you lie to me. You and I know that certain brand comes in threes. Where is the third?” “Babe, I'm a man…”, he replied, smiling and reaching for me but I moved away. I got up and rushed into the bathroom immediately, refusing to believe what my stupid self was saying to me again and again. I knew... I had always known but… I thought, just this once, it would be diffe


  ❣️STAY WITH ME❣️ And now came this girl name Crystal who just showed up and was now invading every space in his head. But wait, what was she still doing in the building? She left the building before him but there he stood in the parking lot and she wasn't there. He was at a loss. He waited impatiently for over three minutes and whipped out his phone to call her, she finally showed up. She was sweating and wiping some of the sweat off her face. She had taken the stairs! Dave sighed in frustration. "What happened?" he asked  "I'm sorry, sir. I went back to get my purse" she replied  "Then why didn't you use the elevator?" he asked curiously  "Uhm, I... I..." she stammered  'yeah, Crystal, why didn't you use the elevator?' she said to herself. "Get in the car" he ordered. She got in and sat straight, alert. She had a can of pepper spray in her purse and she wouldn't hesitate to use it if the need ever arose. S


  ❣️STAY WITH ME❣️ "When I tell you to do something, Miss Adams, you do it without questioning my authority. I'm the boss. Understood?"  He was so close to her. He had a deep voice and an earthy scent swirled around him. "Yes sir" she managed to say. She thought he'd back off since he'd made his point clear but he just stood there, staring down at her. She wished she'd worn shoes with higher heels. Crystal was a lady of average height at the age of twenty-five, 5'5"... But standing close to him, she felt way too short... Too small. "Can you move back a little bit? You're invading my personal space" she looked straight into his eyes as she spoke. She saw the surprise flash in his eyes but it was gone as soon as it came. "We're going for a meeting, out of town" he continued, pretending not to hear her, "we'll pass by my house and get some files. Get the three documents I placed on your desk this morning and


  ❣️STAY WITH ME❣️ She somehow remembered Max's phone number was saved on her phone and she searched and dialed his number immediately. About twenty minutes later, Jason arrived. He looked like he'd rushed out of the house in a hurry. "My baby... You did it!!!" He screamed and picked her up. Spinning her round and found till she felt dizzy. "Put me down... Put me down" she protested. "I can't believe this," he said again "Can't believe what? You thought I'd fail?" She asked, feigning annoyance. "What? Hell no! I told you earlier, my Crystal is a fighter. She will take that which belongs to her with full force" he hyped. She laughed.  "I thought you said you would cook lunch before I got home. What changed your mind?" She asked, suddenly remembering that he'd said so. "Nay nay. I said I would cook lunch if you didn't get the job and if I saw you crying, your shoes in your hand. But right now, no


  ❣️STAY WITH ME❣️ Seated behind the desk in all his dignity was Dave!!!! Same Dave who said he was there for an interview. "I knew it!" She stomped her foot on the floor. "Courtesy Miss Adams. Have a seat and let us begin" "Yes... Uhm... Yes sir" she replied, looking confused. Was she supposed to still refer to him as Dave or sir? She sat on a chair directly facing him. She wasn't prepared for this. No, wait, she was prepared but this man behind that desk destroyed it within a few minutes.  She forgot everything she was supposed to say, including the possible questions and answers. And then she had gone ahead and blabbed her mouth earlier about the paints looking dull and eerie, the entrance doors being too small, and so on. "First Miss Adams, I'd like you to know that whatever happened outside this office remains there. Forget about the guy who introduced himself to you as Dave. Right now, I'm your interviewer and might be your boss in t


 ❣️STAY WITH ME❣️ "What a caring husband you've got ma'am," the uber driver said to her after she was settled. She smiled and looked out the window. When she turned back to look at him, he was staring at her from the rearview mirror. He smiled and nodded, just to make her feel at ease because she looked tense. Was she scared of him? "He's not my husband" she replied. "Boyfriend then? Maybe fiance?" He pushed further. "No, we're just roommates... Friends..." She sank deeper into her seat and went through her phone. She just scrolled up and down the apps. She thought the uber driver was going to take it as a clue to stop bothering her. His job was just to drive, right? Why was he being nosy? She thought, almost grunting loudly in frustration. "Not lovers? He continued. "Maybe not lovers yet. The chemistry between you two is really strong. One can smell and sense it from afar" "So you're a psychic then? Mr—&qu


  ❣️STAY WITH ME❣️ The bed sheets were the same ones she'd dumped in Jason's bedroom because she hated them, the color. It was a white bedsheet with green leaves... Greeny leafy patterns. She yanked them off and flung them in the laundry basket behind the door. She did the same with the pillowcases. Just then, Jason walked in. "What are you doing?!" He yelled in a very funny lady-like voice. She'd just ruined the pretty bed. It had taken him ten disturbing minutes to iron out the wrinkled sheets and even the sides. "I don't like the bed sheets! You know I don't!" She fired. "So what? Shouldn't you be getting dressed for an interview?!" "Oh!" She ran to the table that held a large mirror. "Please help me dry my hair" she looked at him innocently, with puppy eyes. He was about to say no when she gave him 'that look'. "Come on... Not that look ugh!!!" He groaned and rolled his eyes, but still went